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Why people and brands?

Within our 15 years in this highly competitive business we learned how to apply our creativity, excellence and unique way of being unconventional to satisfy our clients needs precisely. That’s why we broke through the traditional confines of public relations, advertising, media, marketing and trend spotting to offer our clients the whole package. And this is one of the reasons for which people and brands is appreciated today by its clients, partners and friends. As an independent agency, which has no obligations to certain labels, agencies or talents, we can exploit our full potential for our specific client.

We are smart, involved and focussed.

Smart because we offer a complete package based on established know-how. Our knowledge has enabled highly recognized celebrity fashion advertising campaigns, celebrity editorials, red carpet placements and special events.

Involved because the years of working with the most different talents worldwide as a Director of Photography and Special Projects. We have build up a strong international network consisting of various agents, stylists, publicists and managements, while living in the US and Germany.

Focussed because we know how long and precise the preparation of a project has to be so its success can be guaranteed. With these three main qualities we offer our clients a tailored combination of our services that will lead him to the position he aims at in the global market. The superior aspiration is to increase his recognition and popularity by always keeping the brand‘s guidelines and philosophy in view.

Our services include:

  • Creative consulting
  • Conceptual development
  • Celebrity booking
  • Celebrity editorials
  • Celebrity fashion advertising
  • Red carpet placements
  • Special events
  • Art projects